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Healthy Eye Care and Nutrition

Too often, we don’t show our eyes love they deserve. ❤️ Maintaining eye health requires planning and dedication – but the effort will pay off for years to come.

Here’s how our caregivers make eye care easy and enjoyable:

🚗 Scheduling and arranging transportation to eye exams.

😎 Shopping together for protective eyewear.

🚶🏼Planning daily exercise routines.

🥗 Cooking meals that are high in antioxidants.

Whenever the time is right, we’re here to provide a helping hand.

Learn more about how Comfort Keepers can help bring joy to daily routines that improve eye health.

Physical Activity for Senior Care

It’s been proven time and again that exercise is good for seniors’ physical and mental health. Regular exercise, even in small amounts, can improve mood, relieve stress and improve health. According to the CDC, four of the five most expensive health conditions older adults face can be prevented or managed with physical activity. But, only about 35% of adults over the age of 65 are physically active.

The Myths and Facts of Cataracts: What Seniors Should Know

Did you know? By age 80, over 50% of seniors have been treated for cataracts. 👀

While cataracts aren’t preventable, a consistent care plan reduces the risks associated with the condition. Step one: Separating fact from fiction in order to provide the best quality of care possible.

When the time comes, our caregivers are here to help find joy in daily life by simplifying eye health care plans.

Aging Gracefully: Caring for Muscles, Joints and Bones

Aging bodies are just another adventure in life! ❤️ At Comfort Keepers, we’re here to bring joy to daily routines, including caring for the muscles, joints, and bones that keep us moving.

Maintaining our strength and movement helps us reduce the risk of diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis.

Elderly Home Care and Depression

No matter what age we are, living a life of purpose, connection and joy is critical for our physical and mental wellbeing. For older adults, a variety of obstacles like vision loss, social isolation, mobility problems and memory issues can make enjoying life more difficult.

Living with Arthritis

Did you know? One in five adults will suffer a form of arthritis. The good news? Our caregivers are here to support you in living to the fullest, no matter what challenges you face. We can help create a plan for managing symptoms by doing the activities that Elevate the Human Spirit.

Resources for Seniors Sheltering in Place

One of the most effective ways to combat the Coronavirus pandemic and its effect on seniors is by practicing self-quarantine. By reducing the spread of the virus, healthcare systems are better able to treat those that are affected while they work on a long-term solution.

Maintaining Wellbeing During Senior Isolation

As we all prepare to keep our homes and families safe during this COVID-19 outbreak, it’s important to consider the needs of the seniors in our lives and in our communities.

State and local health agencies are taking steps to ensure that seniors are physically protected from the virus, including directives for those 65 and older to stay home including shelter in place orders and quarantines directed at seniors. Many families are searching for guidance and solutions to ensure their loved ones are best taken care of.


You likely have heard a lot of information in the news about the Novel Coronavirus, called COVID-19, in recent days as the growth of this virus rises in the U.S. and around the world. As a company dedicated to compassionate and healthy care, we have been actively monitoring the progression of the virus and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Ways That Friendship Helps Our Brains

It is common for seniors to feel overwhelmed or frustrated when daily tasks become more difficult to do. The changes associated with aging take a toll not only on seniors’ physical health but also their mental health. Mental health and physical health are intertwined and equally important.