Social Wellness and Its Benefits to Seniors

The key to keeping a healthy lifestyle is focusing on being socially active and finding those wonderful things that bring us joy and keep us connected, even in the comfort of your own home.

Ways to stay socially connected:
🧘‍♀️ Join an exercise group or class
🤳 Utilize social media to stay connected
🃏 Find an new hobby or interest
🙋‍♂️ Volunteer or become involved in community efforts and activities

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Adapting Homes to Seniors’ Changing Needs

With a few home modifications in place, seniors can maintain a fulfilling quality of life and independence in the comfort and familiarity of their own home. 🏡💕

Make a weekend of it! Commonly recommended modifications include:
• Moving furniture to create clear walking paths
• Applying non-slip tape on uncarpeted indoor and outdoor steps
• Replacing doorknobs with lever door handles
• Moving frequently used items to lower cabinets

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Nutrition That Nourishes the Heart and Mind

Eating for brain health is one of the ways seniors can keep the mind sharper
longer and be able to take advantage of each day.

Luckily there are plenty of
foods that can help improve brain health and memory for older adults, including:
🐟 Fish
🧺 Leafy greens
🥛 Low-fat dairy
🥑 Healthy fats
🌿 Herbs & spices

Whether helping prepare a meal or making a special snack, our caregivers are
here to help seniors get the nourishment they need and enjoy the meals they love.

Keeping Seniors Safe in the Bathroom

Did you know? 💭 An estimated 80% of falls in older adults occur in the bathroom, making it one of the most important places to evaluate for safety in the home.

Along with assisting in everyday activities, our caregivers are specially trained to recognize and communicate any potential safety issues, assist in reducing fall hazards, and keep your loved one safe at home. 🤗

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Tips for Reducing the Risk of Heart Disease

Did you know? 💭

According to @healthline, laughing is good for your heart and can reduce stress and strengthen your immune system. ❤️

Aside from a good laugh, there are so many ways for seniors to show the heart love, including:

🧘‍♀️ Incorporating exercise into your daily routine

🥑 A heart-healthy meal plan

🩸 Getting your blood pressure checked regularly

🚬 Quitting smoking, or making plans to stop

Discover more tips for taking care of your heart.

Social Wellness and Its Benefits to Seniors

An established support system has a plethora of benefits, from helping us cope with life’s challenges to better sleep and productivity. There are so many reasons to prioritize social wellness as we get older. ✔️

Here are a few ways seniors can build a meaningful social support system:

🤝 Volunteer

🧘 Join an exercise group or class

☕️ Invite friends over for coffee or tea

🤗 Join a senior center

📲 Utilize social media to stay connected with friends and family
Whether it’s a trip to see friends or a weekly exercise class, our caregivers are here to proactively help you or your loved one prioritize social wellness.

Learn more about how we can help.

Post Hospital Care After Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a serious illness that can take a lot out of our bodies, especially as we age. Proper recovery is key to regaining our strength and getting back to enjoying the activities we love. 🤗

At-home recovery can come with a lengthy to-do list to keep the illness at bay. The fatigue that comes with Pneumonia can make recovery more challenging, but asking for help can make a serious difference. From supporting physician-recommended health programs and preparing meals to ensuring medication is taken on time, our caregivers’ mission is to help you reach complete recovery with a daily dose of joy along the way. 💞

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Advice for Seniors: Get a Flu Shot

Protect yourself and your loved ones this season. Roll your sleeve up to #FightFlu. 💪💉

Influenza, also known as the flu, is a respiratory infection that can develop into a more serious infection like pneumonia, especially as we get older. According to @CDC, the flu vaccine reduces the risk of flu illness by 40-60% during peak flu season.

By receiving an annual flu shot, you can keep yourself and others safe and free to participate in all the joyful activities that fall and winter have to offer. 🤗

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